About CNR

Crows Nest Radio is where Eric Klein shares his radio with you.

From 2010-2011 Crows Nest Radio was a story telling podcast that aired weekly on the radio in Northern California on the show “Radio Chronicles,” Sundays from 6:30-7pm on KPFA. The format evolved into part recorded story and part live listener calls.

After moving to Portland, Eric made 2 new episodes that were documentary story telling art projects that took weeks and weeks to create. Crows Nest Radio is sleeping for now. Eric is making other podcasts:

Mega Screen Time in which he talks about pop culture with his son

Yiddish Book Club in which he talks about Yiddish literature with Yiddish translators.

Radio Survivor in which he talks about great radio with the intelligent editors of the website by the same name.

Crows Nest Radio on the twitter and the  Facebook.


2 thoughts on “About CNR

  1. Hi Eric
    I thought since the council scene gets so hectic i would write you about your piece on Sasha. WOW what a person to take on and big props for doing that. However he needed much more reigning in to enable the listeners to get more
    of the info he most likely could have shared. After a while it is actually too painful for me to listen to. He tells you he is ranting. Was that an invitation or a challenge to focus him? You did give the listener a sense of what it is like to try and connect with a manic-depressive but I would guess there is much more he could have provided. What I would have wanted to know from him: How did he and others he knew use meds and to what extent were they useful? How do the support groups work? What is his quasi-manical laugh about? etc.
    I missed your usually strong reportorial voice. The few times you did speak I thought you sounded tentative.
    Anyway please don’t be discouraged by any of this. You are a strong, young, and courageous voice whom I value greatly as a journalist.
    Joe Liesner

    • Thanks for the feedback on the “Dangerous Gifts” episode Joe. I chose to let Sasha tell his tale without cutting him off to ask questions until he was done, and he did give his narrative at a break neck speed. I thought it made for a nice change of pace, but it’s clear it was too much for some ears.

      Your feedback reminds me that perhaps I should invite him back to the radio station for a more traditional back and forth about his work.

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