What is Crows Nest Radio?

Hello, my name is Eric Klein and I loved this radio show of mine. It aired from fall of 2010 to fall of 2011 in the Bay Area of Northern California on KPFA. It was a story telling radio show. It was also a live call in show. It was a creative experiment.

For a purely experimental live show, take a listen to this episode first: “The Ballad of Mr Fantiso” because it combines live music, story telling, and listener calls. My more traditional news and public affaris radio work can be found here.

Or just pick a show below and give it a listen. We did a series of shows called “Unemployed” and another called “Our Dead Friends and Facebook,” both using recorded stories and live listener calls.

I love the first episode “Sascha’s Dangerous Gifts” and the last one  The Censored Climate Change Streetscapes of Anthony Holdsworth. I love all the ones in between.




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