The Last Show of 2010

Bloggers, Reporters and Cartoonists share stories about their most popular creations of the year 2010.

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The following is the long list of links to the stories, posts and images described during the show:

Will Evans’ story in print was first published on the California Watch website. And then was updated later.

Kate Sheppard on “Why We’re Doomed”

Mat Bors:

Matt Bor's most popular comic of 2010

Click the image to order a copy or see more of Matt Bor’s stuff.

Tim Redmond told of “Civil Sidewalks, Lewis Lapham, and the struggle for the soul of cities”

Lance Knobel on Berkeley’s Mountain Lion shooting.

Ben Trefny’s interview with filmmaker Charles Ferguson.

Eric of Transbay Blog says this BART story was the year’s most viewed/commented.

Rachel Swan’s East Oakland Turf Dancing Video and “Oakland’s War on Fun” stories.

David Weir on the actual, physical existence of twitter and how the people who work there like cookies just as much as the rest of us.

Tony Millionaire’s Maakies website as well as the valentine he described on the show:

real talk from Pearl Millionaire

I failed to mention during the show that I stole the idea for this episode from Benjamin Walker’s “Too Much Information” on WFMU.  Highly recommended.


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