“Unemployed” Part Two

Dave: “This is kind of the end of hope”
Leif: “I have no spare money for anything”
Nancy: “I’d like to be in a collective of people to exchange goods and services for money and barter.”

(the News goes 45sec over)

Radio Chronicles: Host Eric Klein

Click to listen (or download)

“Unemployed” is an ongoing project, every person with a story to share will get on the radio. Email me at crowsnestradio@gmail.com and tell your friends.

The phone number given out during the show is KPFA’s on-air studio line, if you call it now you will talk to the D.J. or Board Op working at this vert moment, but that is not the way to get in touch with me. Try email instead.

The theme music is

chartreuse cactus (I, Cactus) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Additional music:
The “melting song” is from the unreleased album “icicle dream” by Scott Bruzenak.


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