Our Dead Friends and Facebook, a live call in show

On October 17, 2010 I tried an experiment: Going on the air with a work in progress (a concept really) and turning that into a live radio call in show.

I was pleased with the results.

Radio Chronicles: Host Eric Klein

Click to listen (or download)


2 thoughts on “Our Dead Friends and Facebook, a live call in show

  1. I just heard the very end of this show in my car driving home and am now here to listen to the show in full because its a topic that i find quite fascinating and especially interesting because my best friend died very suddenly and unexpectedly just a few months ago, and so dealing with it has been extremely hard for me, of course, but the whole facebook page keeping her alive in a sense, has often made me stop and ask myself how i feel about it; if it helps or hurts me in the healing process…some mutual friends have occasionally said negative things about people “communicating” to her through her facebook page, saying that its preventing them from moving on or that she’s not gonna read what they wrote because she’s dead and its weird…stuff like that. But to me, especially now that i’m listening to your show on the subject, i stand by my original feeling that its actually a great source of comfort and healing and sharing in the grieving process-i’ve grown quite close to many of her family members whom before her death, i barely knew-and never talked to. i think its a beautiful thing, whether or not she is able to actually read the posts people leave for her-i like to think that the actual act of putting one’s feelings and thoughts and memories out there becomes an energy of its own, released from the painful places within us, and set free to the forces of the universe where i would like to think the spirits are able to hear or feel our message on a dimension that exists somewhere between life and death. I think that expressing one’s grief and releasing whatever unspoken words or thoughts or feelings one might feel the need to express to someone who has passed, however it may be done, whether its facebook or counseling or prayer or meditation-its the release of feelings from inside that would otherwise linger inside of us, holding on to the pain and grief of the loss which we have no control over-preventing us from healing-and so letting the pain out is the only way to find peace…little by little….its all such a delicate, ongoing, strange, confusing process of something so difficult to really fathom…anything that might bring peace and comfort to the living is a good thing-facebook is just an outlet, a messenger of sorts, that allows us to communicate and share our thoughts, feelings, pieces of ourselves that we need to express in order to feel understood and heard and a part of this life-and perhaps even beyond…

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