For Love & Money

Crows Nest Radio (Episode 105)

When Ron Avitzur had his dream job at Apple taken away from him he chose not to accept reality. He kept showing up even though no one was paying him to, working 100 hour weeks and convincing the other people in his office to believe in his dream. His story is the first half of the hour long show.

Scott Bruzenak would like to get paid to make beautiful music, but in the meantime, he gets paid. His story was recorded and produced in 2008. Maybe I’ll give him a call tomorrow to record the epilogue, because I think he’s changed jobs again. More information is available from this link, which is a simple google search of a very unique name.

You can read Ron’s original story here, where you can also find links to the various other multi-media retellings of “The Graphing Calculator Story.”

Music from the first half of the show was byChristian Bjoerklund / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The opening music for the show is by I, Cactus / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The song in between the two stories was by Amoebic Ensemble / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Overshare Warning:

[[I have yet to get paid a dime to make this podcast and I am fully aware that chances are, I never will. Still, I plan to produce at least one episode a month until forever because it feels really good to work hard and to share. Having said that, I want very much to earn a living wage doing this sort of work and I look forward to some shiny day when I do.]]


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