Moss Pillows & One Million Giraffes

Crows Nest Radio (Episode 103)

My friend Veronica Faisant grew up in rural Louisiana in the 1950’s in an African American town where almost everyone she knew was related to her. Needless to say, a long lost time and place. Her story is the first 30mins of the show.

Ola Helland is a young man from Norway in the midst of performing an internet miracle, collecting one million digital images of hand made giraffes. With a decent website and a silly dream he has inspired thousands upon thousands of earthlings to help him towards his goal. His story is the second half of the hour long show.

Ola’s website is One Million Giraffes.

The opening music for the show is by I, Cactus / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The music accompanying Veronica’s story is by .Tape. / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

The music accompanying Ola’s story is by Binärpilot

except for the last song:

Here’s my giraffe

This episode aired on the radio during KPFA’s Spring Fund Drive, thus the call for donations sprinkled into the hour.


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