Blending the Absurd with the Desperate and the Cryptic: Jesse Krakow’s “Oceans in the Sun”

11.min Oceans Krakow.mp3

Back in 2004 I caught up with my old friend from high school, Jesse Krakow. He had just released this incredibly strange and lovely album “Oceans in the Sun” made up of over 30 songs he recorded alone in his New York apartment, many of them less than 100 seconds long, a lot of them about his cat.

I produced this 11 minute podcast like thing (not safe for radio) as one of my first attempts at cutting up an interview and adding music. I think it still holds up pretty well despite the fact I didn’t know what I was doing.

Jesse was working in advertising at the time he made this music and it wasn’t a good fit in my opinion. He was lonely. The songs are incredibly silly and fun, but they are also dark and weird.

From the interview:

“I became re-acquainted with somebody through Friendster and we got pretty close. We started writing regular emails to each other and having phone conversations. It was really amazing.
You know it’s really romantic when you can grow close to somebody through their words, and see how they formulate a sentence. I don’t mean to be completely clinical but grammar and seeing somebody’s approach to it it’s very telling. It’s very intimate. I remember hearing that Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed bonded over punctuation at one party. They just sat in the corner and talked about punctuation. Now they live together and they are very happy.
I was really into that idea with this girl. Unfortunately she came to New York and we had a horrible time. Nothing became of it. Now she’s dating some other dude and I’m still in love with my cat.”




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