Facebook and Money in Presidential Politics


I hosted ‘Letters and Politics” on April 22, 2011 – which was the day President Obama concluded three days of fund raising in the San Francisco Bay Area, which he kicked off with a “Facebook Town Hall.” As I was producing coverage of the president’s trip, I was surprised to learn about Facebook’s growing political foot print. We spoke with Dave Levinthal, editor with OpenSecrets.org at the Center for Responsive Politics; as well as Carla Maranuci, the political writer with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Maranucci was reporting from Obama’s fund raising breakfast in San Francisco when a group of ticket holding donors stood up and sang the president a song against his will: “…we payed our dues, where’s our change?”

Finally, I spoke with Heidi Shierholz, an Economist with the Economic Policy Institute about the dismal state of employment for young people during this Great Recession. America’s Lost Decade?


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